Friday, December 9, 2016

Narimiya Hiroki retires from entertainment industry

I'm aware that everything happened as a result of my own actions. I was betrayed by a friend I trusted wholeheartedly and fell into a trap set up by several individuals. During the course of working in this line, matters concerning sexuality which others should not know about, have also been put under close scrutiny. I cannot express in words the crushing dread, fear and despair I feel if inaccurate information continue to spread the way it is now. I cannot bear the thought of my privacy continually being exposed to the world by someone's malice. I want to disappear from this entertainment world right now. I cannot afford to continue working on the stage of the entertainment industry as it will only cause inconvenience to staff, friends and family. There is no other way but for me to leave the entertainment world as soon as possible. To all the staff who have nurtured me, from when I had nothing, thank you very much. To the fans who have supported me, please forgive me for leaving in this manner. I am truly sorry. And, thank you very much.

Narimiya Hiroki
8 Dec 2016

On Dec 2, FRIDAY published an article alleging cocaine use by Narimiya.

He denied the accusation and his agency Top Coat threatened legal action against FRIDAY's publishing company, Kodansha.

On Dec 9, FRIDAY released another article, prefacing it with the fact that up to Dec 7, Top Coat still has not taken any legal action against them. This time, his friend A-san also provided FRIDAY with a taped phone conversation between the two. A-san claims that he often buys cocaine for Narimiya and Narimiya is a seasoned cocaine user.

"Hiroki uses a credit card to cut up the cocaine into a line. Then he rolls up a 1000 yen bill into a straw to snort it up. He does it like he's used to it."

In the conversation, they talk about 'charlie' which is a street name for cocaine.

A: Hiroki, how was it today?
Narimiya: It was great~. Really good, really good.
A: What do you wanna do? Want another?
Narimiya: Charlie? Hmm... let's see... yeah, bring it.

Top Coat released the result of a urine drug test Narimiya took on Dec 7. It tested negative.

Narimiya and his brother were raised by a single mother, but she passed away when he was 14, leaving him alone with his 8-year-old brother. Narimiya quit school while in first year of junior high and started working. He wondered if there was a way he could earn as much as a graduate does, in order to support his brother. He passed an audition he took on a whim and entered the entertainment industry. He made his debut in 2000 at age 17, playing Kane in the stage play 'Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love'. In TBS program 'A-studio' aired last year, his brother said the naked light bulb they started with is now a chandelier, and the television, a home system. He expressed his gratitude to his elder brother who sacrificed his youth to bring him up, with the strictness and kindness of both a mother and father.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Kawatani Enon's blog post after Becky's first TV appearance in 3 months

13 May 2016
To everyone

After watching the broadcast of KinSuma today, I felt that I had to write and I'm bypassing my agency to write this blog.

First of all, the LINE content published by Shukan Bunshun is all true.
And when I first send the FAX out to say that Becky and I were friends, that was a lie, it was a romantic relationship. I am truly sorry for lying. Until the divorce, we said we would be friends. I couldn't see around me, actually I wasn't thinking about how anyone else would feel. I caused sorrow to both of them.

Trampling my wife's feelings and bringing Becky back to my parents' home was also my decision.
I am deeply sorry to my wife and Becky.

Then, the comment I made about 'who I should apologise to'.
That was not meant for my wife, Becky, the fans and the people concerned.

I meant that for the people on the internet who were making cruel remarks. Everyday, thoughtless comments like 'Die' and 'Disappear' appeared on Becky's as well as my SNS. I couldn't stand it anymore.

But there was nowhere for me to say that, and I was not in a position to even say it. In the end, more misunderstanding was caused. I regret my childishness.

And, why did Becky cease all activities while I did not?
There is no other reason besides there are fans waiting. I could not betray the people who came to listen to the music.  It may look like I'm just glossing over the matter, but there's nothing more I wanted than singing what my members and I have created. It may be selfish of me but that is the reason.
I was mulling over what I could say when 'Ryouseibai' album came out but there was nothing else for me to do but that. For fans to enjoy themselves, that is the most important, and that thought has not changed.

I had an affair with Becky and tormented my wife with my betrayal. Furthermore, I caused a lot of trouble to the members, staff, the people concerned, my fans and Becky's fans. I am truly sorry.

For what I have written, and in this timing, I am sorry.

From now on, we will face the fans fully with our music, indigo la End, Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Together we will do our best. Thank you.

Kawatani Enon

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yamamoto Koji reveals how he got Horikita Maki to marry him

On August 24, Yamamoto Koji (38) gave an interview on Fuji TV's morning news program 'Tokudane!' detailing the 6-year journey from the time he met Horikita Maki (26) to their marriage on August 22.

They first met while filming for 2009 spring drama 'Atashinchi no Danshi' and he said he was taken in by her mental strength although she was only 20 or 21 years old at the time. He asked for her number and got it, but it was the number for her agency.

In 2010, they played husband and wife in 'Wagaya no Rekishi'. He was impressed with her strong skills as an actress and also charmed by how reserved she can be at times. On the last day of filming, he invited her out for drinks with everyone but she declined.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Horikita Maki's Fanclub to close down by the end of the year

Horikita Maki's agency, Sweet Power, is closing down her fanclub in December 2015. In its notice, the agency thanked fans for their support in the last 10 years the fanclub has been running. Applications for membership were still accepted until July 31 at 6pm. Sweet Power denies that the decision had anything to do with her marriage announcement to Yamamoto Koji and that the decision was made before her intention to marry.

Horikita Maki announces marriage to actor Yamamoto Koji

Horikita Maki (26) and actor Yamamoto Koji (38) are married. They submitted their marriage registration on August 22 at a ward office in Tokyo via a proxy. She is not expecting and will continue working. They first got acquainted 6 years ago while filming for Fuji TV drama 'Atashinchi no Danshi' but only grew closer when they played lovers in stage play 'Wuthering Heights' this year.

According to some sources, they began dating in June and started living together in early August. Below is a statement by Horikita Maki through her agency, Sweet Power, to the media.

This is a personal matter but I, Horikita Maki, married Yamamoto Koji-san on August 22.

Please forgive me for announcing this in written form in such a sudden manner.

I made acquaintance with Yamamoto-san 6 years ago through work but it was when we worked together in the stage play 'Wuthering Heights' that I was charmed by his character. We wish to live our lives together from now on and the next step is marriage.

We are still inexperienced but from now on, as always, we seek your guidance and encouragement.

22 August 2015
Horikita Maki
In the blog for paying members, she writes:

I didn't really have any intention to marry but being with him, 'marriage' came up naturally and I believe that it will bring me happiness. From now on, so as not to betray your expectations, I will continue to face work earnestly.